February 19, 2022 | The Year of Jubilee, Part 2

The Year of Jubilee, Part 2

Last week we learned about the year of Jubilee, which God instructed the Israelites to remember in Leviticus 25. Though Jubilee is rarely mentioned in the rest of Scripture, its themes are such a key to Bible prophecy. They show up in the Old Testament, but they also play a major part in Jesus’ message to Israel.

In the second half of our Jubilee series, we focus on the writings of Ezekiel and Isaiah. In his end-times prophecy, Ezekiel speaks of the year of Jubilee to come in the Millennial Kingdom. Isaiah doesn’t speak about Jubilee directly, but its message is clear in his prophecy that Jesus repeated: “To proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” Do you see where the themes of Jubilee come into play in this proclamation? Listen to Chris’s explanation to learn why Jubilee was so important to Israel and how it will become an important part of your future!

If you missed the first part of this series, you can Listen Here.

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Apples of Gold: We Want to Know More

Zvi was talking to his Arab neighbors. These men admittedly hate their Jewish neighbors and teach their children to kill them—all because they want the land of Israel. Zvi asked them if they knew the conflict between the Arabs and the Jewish people was in the Bible. They were curious as he showed them the Scriptures. Then Zvi’s neighbors realized his Bible he was holding contained the New Testament. Many more questions followed this realization, and Zvi was able to share about his faith in Jesus.


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