July 23, 2022 | Divine Portraits of God, Part 2: The 10 Plagues

The 10 Plagues

We all see God differently. But most of us think first of His love and goodness to us, so we associate the beauty He created and the happiness He provides with Him. But we can see important characteristics of God in judgment too, and His judgments carry key lessons for us as we strive to know and love Him better.

Part 2 of our Divine Portraits of God series brings us to the book of Exodus and the 10 plagues He inflicted on the Egyptians for enslaving His Chosen People. Chris notes the striking symbolism behind God’s actions to declare Himself as the one true God and the way He punished the pagan Egyptians. Our God is a jealous God, passionate for His people and faithful to His promises. Studying the 10 plagues is a necessary reminder of that fact, and we hope this week’s program reinforces your love for our wonderful Lord!

If you missed Part 1 of this series, you can Listen Here.

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  1. Chris, perhaps you can answer a question for me. Most believe that the 10 plagues happened only to Egypt. I believe that since because Yehovah was also showing Israel that He was sovereign and because He wanted to verify He had sent Moses that the plagues that didn’t involve physical punishment or physical harm, such as the darkness and some of the other plagues that thewy also happened to Israel, such as those that are said to have affected the whole land. I come to this conclusion partially because in the 10th plague if a Israelite family had neglected to apply the blood they would have experienced the death plague and again partially because He was proving His sovereignty. Most, however, believe the plagues were only against Egypt. What is your sense on this? Thanks.

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