June 9, 2018 | The Place of His Choosing

The Place of His Choosing

If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve seen the controversy over the U.S. moving their embassy from Tel Aviv in Israel to the capital, Jerusalem. Many have wondered why this is so controversial. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years—but that was only when King David declared it so. Several weeks ago Chris shared how Jerusalem was hinted about in the book of Genesis. If you missed it, you can listen to the episode HERE. This week we’ll continue to learn that Jerusalem has always been very special to God. In Deuteronomy 12 and Psalm 87, He was hinting to the Jewish people that He had a place in mind where He would come and they could worship Him—that place was Jerusalem!

Jerusalem was always the plan for the Jewish people to be the place of His choosing. Chris will then encourage us as believers in Jesus to see God’s plans always including coming to dwell in us through the Holy Spirit. We can rest assure in an unstable world that God always has a plan. His pattern throughout history has shown His sovereignty. And that should give us believers much comfort and hope.

Up to Jerusalem Tours

Watch the pages of scripture come alive; Fall in love with the land and its people.

Since 1977 The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry has been taking Christians of all ages to the Holy Land.

Go back in history and walk the steps of Jesus. Watch prophecy being lived out before your eyes. Tour the land and meet the people. Learn about Israel and how this little nation has made a huge mark on our modern world.


Unhitching the Old Testament

Andy Stanley, pastor of a large church in Georgia said some interesting things a few weeks ago in a sermon that has caused quite a stir. Chris will unpack this rather disturbing teaching about unhitching the New Testament from the Old Testament. As believers we need to always be on guard making sure what is being taught is in line with Scripture and Chris shows the holes in Pastor Stanley’s teaching.

Apples of Gold

Zvi often speaks to ultra-orthodox in their house of prayer about how they need to go back to reading and studying Scripture. Because they only read what rabbi’s have written, their hearts are far from God. One day, Zvi ran into an old army friend from the war in 1948. The man looked completely different as he was dressed in ultra-orthodox clothes. Listen what Zvi told his old friend about his outward appearance.

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