April 6, 2019 | Interview: Danielle Mor—Angels of Zion

Interview: Danielle Mor

Do you know of any people group that has been forced out their land, scattered for thousands of years, lost their language, and in a matter of a few short years (less than 200) made their way back to their land, restored their language, and became a thriving democracy that has blessed the world through advancements in technology, medicine, and more? You must know that Israel and the Jewish people are the only ones! And who could have brought them back but God? In Ezekiel 36—37 God says that He would do just this and here we are, watching it happen!

Danielle Mor, from the Jewish Agency for Israel joins us today. If you are a Jewish person and want to make aliyah or immigrate to Israel, you must go through The Jewish Agency for Israel. Danielle shares with Chris the way the agency helps those coming in. From language, job training, housing, and connection—The Jewish Agency is there every step of the way. You can help by donating to our aliyah fund. All proceeds go directly to The Jewish Agency for Israel and their work in bringing the Jewish people home.

To learn more, please visit JewishAgency.org.

The Aliyah Fund

The Jewish Agency for Israel helps Jewish people make aliyah and integrate into Israeli life by providing language courses and job training.

The Friends of Israel has partnered with The Jewish Agency for Israel so that you, our listeners, can help Jewish people escape persecution, move home to Israel—the land God gave them, and become integrated and thrive in their land.


Apples of Gold: So Long Our Hopes Are Not Yet Lost

Even as the rockets are being launched into Israel at night, the Jewish people are off to work and school the next day because they know God is watching them. Although many are not believers of the Messiah, they believe God is their protection. As new people come into the country of Israel, Zvi talks with them as a new friend. Because of Zvi’s warm welcome, he is able to share about God’s love through His Son.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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