September 18, 2021 | Israel Tours: Jim Showers and Roni Houbani

Interview: Jim Showers and Roni Houbani

We’re all missing Israel! Travel restrictions have shut down much of the nation’s tourism, so not many people have been able to enjoy the beauty of the Holy Land this year. As hard as it is for those of us hoping to visit Israel, it’s even harder for people who make a living working in Israel’s tourism industry. 

Roni Houbani is one of those people. After almost 30 years of leading tours in Israel, Roni is grappling with the current climate and gearing up to welcome people back for tours. During this hiatus, he has traveled to America and stopped in with Chris to discuss his career as a tour guide, how the pandemic has changed his work, and his friendships with evangelical Christians from his tours. 

The Friends of Israel Executive Director Jim Showers joins Roni, his longtime friend, on the show to share his own insight as to the present and future relationships between Christians and Israelis. Their conversation is a much-anticipated update on what’s going on in Israel today!

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During Rosh Hashanah and before Yom Kippur, a group of people came to Zvi to try to get him to see the way of Judaism is the correct way to God, not the way he says people come to God, through Jesus the Messiah. They asked him to come to synagogue with him to observe Yom Kippur. Because of their pure intent and their heart attitude, Zvi was able to have an open and honest discussion about why he believed what he did, and they were open to hearing the Truth that lies in Scripture.


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