March 12, 2016 | #1611—Jim Showers Interview

This week on The Friends of Israel Today, our host and Bible teacher Chris Katulka interviews Jim Showers, the executive director of The Friends of Israel, about FOI’s Up To Jerusalem tours. In our short segment, Chris begins a series called “What’s Your Source of Confidence?” As always, we wrap up our program with Apples of Gold, a dramatic retelling from the life of Holocaust survivor and believer in Jesus, Zvi Kalisher.

February 6, 2016 | #1605—Israel My Glory: In Depth-Jan/Feb

This week’s program is the first of its kind, as we begin a new feature called “Israel My Glory In Depth.” Every two months we’ll focus on the current issue of Israel My Glory magazine. The theme of the current issue happens to be Romans chapters 9 through 11. This portion of scripture is one of the most detailed, thorough New Testament arguments that makes a case for Israel.

October 24, 2015 | #1543—Interview: Andy Cook

Interview—Andy Cook Chris invites Andy Cook onto this week’s program to discuss Andy’s “Experience Israel Now” ministry. Andy, who served as a pastor for 26 years, founded “Experience Israel Now” in 2011. “Experience Israel Now” is a non-profit organization that brings the life-changing lessons from the land of the Bible to audiences everywhere. In addition to leading trips to Israel, …