January 23, 2016 | #1604—The Jesus Prophecies, Part 1

In this week’s program, Chris Katulka starts a series called the Jesus Prophecies. Together, we’ll take a look at the prophetic words of Jesus from His earthly ministry. These prophecies are pushing us to His Second Coming, that glorious moment in human history when Jesus Christ will return. But before that great moment occurs, the world will experience an indescribable pain called the Tribulation.

(Image: Pieter de Grebber, God Inviting Christ to Sit on the Throne at His Right Hand, 1645. )

January 16, 2016 | #1603—Psalm 110, Part 3

This week, Chris Katulka shares the third and final part of his series on Psalm 110. This great prophetic chapter in the Psalms paints a picture of who Jesus is and casts a vision forward of what Jesus will do. So far, you’ve heard that Jesus is both a King and a Warrior, but there’s another title that shows up when looking at this Psalm. He is also given the title of priest. Listen and hear why this title is more unusual than the others you have heard about so far.

(Image: Pieter de Grebber, God Inviting Christ to Sit on the Throne at His Right Hand, 1645. )

January 9, 2016 | #1602—Psalm 110, Part 2

We continue our series on Psalm 110, where we’ve been looking at the various roles of Jesus. Last week, Chris looked at the Kingship of Jesus and today he will take a look at the day coming when Jesus will physically rule the earth. Kingship often leads to an abuse of power, but Jesus will be a different kind of king. He will rule in truth with justice and righteousness. He’ll be a king we can trust and one that we’ll all want to follow.

November 28, 2015 | #1548—Remembering Resolution 181

The Creation of the State of Israel: Remembering Resolution 181 On November 29, 1947, just 68 years ago, the United Nations voted on Resolution 181. This Resolution was the Partition Plan that allowed for the creation of a Jewish state in the area that at that time was called the British Mandate. Go back in time and relive this amazing …

November 21, 2015 | #1547—Interview: Jim Showers

Interview—Jim Showers This week, Chris invites Dr. Jim Showers, Executive Director of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, onto the program to discuss The Friends of Israel’s two national prophecy conferences. Our national prophecy conferences feature Friends of Israel’s speakers from around the world to share timely Biblical and prophetic messages about Israel, the Jewish people, and God’s plan of …